Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Greetings from Atlanta

Just wanted to share some pictures of my new office. I arrived home on Friday evening after Level 4 and started moving bright and early Saturday. I can say I am particularly glad I won't have to move my sand tray collection again for at least 7 years! That was quite a job. I knew I had a lot of images, but after the move I am questioning the need for joining a 12-step program for toy-shopping addiction! (Who am I kidding... the new wall unit has "cubes" that are ripe for expansion with the simple addition of some "tiers"... John and Nicky will be glad to hear that!)

In this new office I have roughly 40% more space and I feel like I finally have some room to breathe and to play! I have 5 sand trays and purchased inexpensive TV carts from Target for each, so I no longer have to lift them as much. This office was new construction, so I have been working on the design, build-out, financing, leasing partnership, etc. for the past 10 months. I'm glad to finally be "home".

I miss all of you and our time together. Thanks to all for your love, support, and for holding the space for such great transformation.

Only 50 more weeks to Level 5!


Theresa Fraser said...

Rita, it is lovely!
I would love to settle in on the couch with a cup of tea before building a world. Thanks so much for sharing. T

Theresa Fraser said...

How lovely would it be to see the other settings that people work in. ( where we hang out the other 50 weeks of the year!)

So please post photos of your play spaces.
It may help the rest of us improve our own spaces with creative ideas.
thanks again Rita.. I love the slip covered sofas'.
Take care T