Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wroxton England

Well all, I am in Wroxton England with the likes of Virginia Ryan and Charles Schaefer and the list goes on. I still am not sure how I got invited to participate in this international study group but it is interesting. There are reps from around the world.
In our small group discussions -a well known Japanese therapist said that he has rarely had clients over nine build anything but static worlds.. I couldn't resist.....
So I showed him Gisela's web site and he asked me how one might respond after a person builds a world instead of just having them talk about how the world connects with their life... He was quite surprised that one could ask the builder to , SHOW ME HOW THE MOTHER WOULD GET TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. ETC.ETC. in order to enliven the characters in the world.. unfortunately the computers here could not open the pdf files, but don't be surprised Gisela if you get a call from Japan. They need you...trying to connect with Liz but she has moved because she is now the ED of a non profit agency here... congrats to her. 2008 has been such a year of opportunity for me.. hope all of you are well.

Thinking about you Rachel - hope that the weather is not too hot where you are.. your baby must be growing.

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Rita (aka Lizard) said...

I know how you got invited to an international study group... because you are AWESOME! How great that you got to share the power of the sand tray with an international audience! Say "hi" to Liz for me when you see her.