Sunday, April 13, 2008

From Liz via email

Bless you Theresa for taking this over - obviously, my year got eaten up/ filled up with other life events...
I'd love to still participate/help though. I have a website that I created for my practice - You might want to take a look at it to see if it could be of any use/help/connection. It also has a Blog on it and if any of you can think of some way of incorporating the two together or linking mine to your's(Theesa and Liz's) to the larger Michigan, or even large STWP community, I'm all in. I've often day dreamed about ways we could reinvigorate Gisela's Sandtray Network using our collective resources. Maybe it will start to unfold during level 4 what role the websites could play in keeping us all connected.
Theresa, when you come for your visit we should carve out part of our time to "play" with this idea....I'm looking forward to seeing you soon! Thanks for taking this under your wing.
Blessed Be,
PS - could you forward this onto the rest of the group - little man is insisting I, "come play with me Mommy." Can't refuse that offer....
xo Liz

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