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Sandtray Network Journal

Gisela has kindly shared the following listing of Sandtray Network Journal Articles and has asked me to post it here. In the future all of these articles will be linked on the Vision Quest web page. I need to apologize in advance as the formatting could not be uploaded in the format that it was submitted.

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The Sandtray Network Journal Collection THE SANDTRAY
Spring 1997
The Sandtray Network Journal Publications Index
Author Title Page
1997, Vol. 1, No. 1
De Domenico, Gisela S. The Sandtray Network: Journey of its birth. 1
De Domenico, Gisela S. Helping teachers integrate the sandtray into the pre-school curriculum. 2
Pryor, Doug Case study: A teenaged boy contemplating joining a gang. ("That Ole Gang of Mine") 2
1997, Vol. 1, No. 2
Pando-Mars, Karen An exploration of authentic movement and sandtray. ("Pathways of the Psyche") 2
Rae, Roxanne Conference review: Pratiba Eastwood's method of studying the symbolism of the
Scarab. 4
Schear, Bobbi Case study: A family faces life and death in the sandtray. 5-6
Stevens, Lena and Jose The Star Wars saga: Ancient futuristic myth for modern times. 7-8
1997, Vol. 1, No. 3
De Domenico, Gisela S. The path of the witness: Comparing authentic movement and the phases of the Sandtray-Worldplay session. 7-8
De Domenico, Gisela S. Questions and answers: What to do in a sandplay session when the client does not wish to speak about the play. 3-4
Pando-Mars, Karen Authentic Movement and Sandtray-Worldplay: Witnessing emptiness and fullness. 5-6
Pando-Mars, Karen Poem: "I am the one who closes my eyes." 6
Schear, Bobbi To speak or not to speak: When to witness sandplay in silence and when to give a verbal response. 9
1997, Vol. 1, No. 4
De Domenico, Gisela S. Sandtray-Worldplay and language: Experiencing precedes language. 7-9
De Domenico, Gisela S. Review of a group sandtray ritual at Upaya House Zen Center: Methods and commentary. 12-14
Gordon, Nancy Sandtray and language: Poetry and song. 10
Pando-Mars, Karen The first word: Formation of language, acquiring language, knowing oneself, and relating to others. 3-4
Schear, Bobbi The "I don't know" syndrome: Finding the lost voice. 5-6
Schear, De Domenico, The language of aliens: Contemporary symbols in sandplay. 16-17
Pando-Mars, Karen, & The dangerous journey: Poem evoked by the Women's Journey Sandtray Warren, Rahima Workshop. 11-12
Willard, Kaleene Sandtray pilot program In a Montessori preschool: Exploring use of sandplay in
Education. 15
1998, Vol. 2, No. 1
Abbey, Bijili Elizabeth Sandtray-Worldplay with a child who experienced domestic violence: A case study. 12-14
Guice, Jill S. The wish for reparation: A child's journey out of deprivation and hostility in a residential treatment center. 15-16
Oliver, Mary Poem: The journey. 11
Pando-Mars, Karen Building a self: Evil and innocence in the aftermath of sexual abuse, couple and individual therapy vignettes. 8-11
Schear, Bobbi Chaos and order: Two brothers' expression of aggression in the sandtray. A case study. 4-7
Schear, Bobbi The hero, the villain and the victim: Contemporary symbols with vignettes. 3-4 The Sandtray Network Journal Collection
Author Title Page
1998, Vol. 2, No. 2
Cunningham, Virginia Children's experience their mothers in the sand. Case studies of three boys. 8-11
De Domenico, Gisela S. Questions and answers: The best way to inform a parent what their nonverbal child is communicating in play. 17
De Domenico, Gisela S. Questions and answers: Children who want to crawl into the sandtray. 17
De Domenico, Gisela S. Questions and answers: Parents participating during the child's sandtray session. 17
De Domenico, Gisela S. Questions and answers: Children who keep going outside the sandtray. 17
De Domenico, Gisela S. Sandtray-Worldplay: The return to consciousness of the feminine soul. Mother-daughter relationship issues. 3-7
De Domenico, Gisela S. Beginning bibliography for mother literature. 7
Pando-Mars, Karen Book review: Mothering: Toward a new psychoanalytic construction by Sylvia Finzi. 13
Rae, Roxanne, & Pryor, Dream defenders: Work with children of HIV infected parents, case studies. 15-16
Schear, Bobbi Where have all the mothers gone: Contemporary symbols that portray mother. 12
Warren, Rahima On the matter of mother: Connecting with sand and the sacred ground of the earth. 1
1998, Vol. 2, No. 3
Danchig, Gail Healing rituals through expressive arts and sandtray. Altar making and sandplay for adult groups with life-threatening illness. 7-9
De Domenico, Gisela S. What is in a name? History of sandplay therapy. 21
De Domenico, Gisela S. Sandtray-Worldplay amplification: Origin in pre-school sandplay patterns and special techniques. 1-6
De Domenico, Gisela S. Classic images for sandtray: Chinese mythology, the Kirin. 25
De Domenico, Gisela S. The sandtray altar created at the end of a couple session. 13
De Domenico, Gisela S. Questions and answers: How do you deal with sexually explicit objects when children use the playroom. 23
Guice, Jill S. Book review: Altars and icons: Sacred spaces in everyday life by Jean McMann. 12
Oliver, Mary Poem: Wild geese. 9
Pando-Mars, Karen Clearing a path: Using amplification to work with clients' edges. Three case studies. 16-18
Poole, Judith Mason Stories from the sandtray: The first two adult male sandtrays facilitated by a therapist
after her training in Sandtray-Worldplay methods. 22-23
Rae, Roxanne Comparisons of sandtray approaches: Lowenfeld, Kalff, Weinrib, De Domenico. 13-15
Schear, Bobbi To be touched by another: Client influence phenomenon (client seeing another client's sandtray). 19-20
Schwarz, Jacqueline Imagery without sand: Healing of a holocaust survivor using table play, painting, making figures. 10-12
1998, Vol. 2, No. 4
Amatruda, Kate Sandplay: Psyche, symbol and soma; touching the liminal place while working with hospitalized children. 7-8
Davenport, Maila Taylor A birth story: Receiving guidance from dreams. 13-14
Davenport, Maila Taylor Birth transformations in the sandtray: Developing personal symbol guides for labor and delivery. 12-13
De Domenico, Gisela S. Classic images: Katsina dolls and a review of a two-day transformational group Sandtray-Worldplay process. 22-23
De Domenico, Gisela S. Questions and answers: When a client barely finishes the sandtray and asks, "Can I put it away now?" 21 4 THE SANDTRAY NETWORK JOURNAL COLLECTION
Author Title Page
1998, Vol. 2, No. 4
De Domenico, Gisela S. Expanded visions: Reflections about the multidimensional uses of Sandtray-Worldplay in the community. 1-6
Donnell, Gaby The spiral path: A couple's sandtray journey after the death of their newly born son. 14
Fettig, Doug and Catherine Poem: The sandtray experience. Your sand bedside. 15
Gere, May Grief's journey: Finding release in the Sandtray World. Report about a one-day grieving workshop. 16
Pando-Mars, Karen Poem: Journeys in the coral dunes. 11
Pando-Mars, Karen Footsteps in the sand: Authentic movement amplifies Sandtray-Worldplay. 8-10
Pando-Mars, Karen Poem: Studio journeys of coral sand. 11
Piercy, Marge Poem: The seven of pentacles. 21
Schear, Bobbi Questions and answers: What are your experiences with the children in your life using the sandtray? 23
Schear, Bobbi Chaos, confusion and conflict: Three families working with custody disputes in the sandtray. 18-20
Schear, Bobbi Commemorating life's passages: The healing potential of a woman's group sandtray ritual. 17
Schwarz, Jacqueline Transitioning images into the sandtray: Continuing work with a holocaust survivor. 24
Warren, Rahima The calm center: An interactive altar and closing ritual used at the Sandtray Network Conference. 20
1999, Vol. 3, No. 1
Danchig, Gail Earthspirit images for use in ritual and sandplay. 3
De Domenico, Gisela S. Exercises for the sandtray room. 2
De Domenico, Gisela S. Bibliography corner: Views of sandplay on video. 2
1999, Vol. 3, No. 2
De Domenico, Gisela S. Experiential dimensions of sandplay: Sandtray-Worldplay theory and illustrated methods of developing builder capacity to experience. 9-14
Moran, Mary Sandtray - Worldplay news from Mbarara, Uganda. Case studies. 14-16
Poole, Judith Mason The color of sand: Playing with different colors of sand. 19-20
Rae, Roxanne, & Pryor, Worlds of the abused: Representations of abuse in the sandtray of children and adults. 1-4
Schear, Bobbi Questions and answers: How do you incorporate people's need to make a mess into your sandtray practice? 24
Schear, Bobbi Revitalizing a group: The transformative power of group sandtray. 7-9
Schear, Bobbi Healing encopresis through sensory motor sandplay: An eight-year-old learns about holding in and letting go. 16-19
Simon, Diane Questions and answers: Children in our lives using sandtrays at home. 23
Warren, Rahima Stories from the sandtray: A dream of death and wholeness depicted in
the sandtray. 20-22
Warren, Rahima The four elements and the sandtray process: Creating an elemental
group sandtray. 4-6
1999, Vol. 3, No. 3*
De Domenico, Gisela S. Recommended readings. 3
De Domenico, Gisela S. Shopping guide for multicultural and trauma sandtray images. 2-3
De Domenico, Gisela S. Sources of different colors of sand. 3-4 The Sandtray Network Journal Collection
Author Title Page
1999, Vol. 3, No. 4
De Domenico, Gisela S. The nurturing, loving father: Contemporary images for sandplay. 20-23
De Domenico, Gisela S. Exploring the interface between Sandtray-Worldplay and Dynamic Play Therapy: A latency girl's journey. 10-16
De Domenico, Gisela S. The legacy of Margaret Lowenfeld: The Lowenfeld World Technique and Lowenfeld sandplay. 7-8
Gere, May Stories from the sandtray: It's not fair - I thought I was home free!. 6
Livingstone, Bob Resolving grief through sandtray therapy: First hand account of a Sandtray-Worldplay healing journey. 1-5
Reed, Jennifer, & Schear, Messes galore: Use of sandtray with kindergarten children. 18-19
Schear, Bobbi Questions and answers: Dealing with disability in the sandtray. 23
Schear, Bobbi Ally with me, battle with me, attack me: Three boys work with aggression in the sandtray. 17-18
Schear, Bobbi To see or not to see: Paying attention to what's missing in sandplay. 8-9
2000, Vol. 4, No. 1*
De Domenico, Gisela S. Reflections on sandtray in the classroom. 2
De Domenico, Gisela S. Ancient images that evoke primordial wisdom: Source and stories. 5
De Domenico, Gisela S. The use of sandtray to increase educator's effectiveness with at-risk children in the classroom. 1
Mann, Georgia Inanna-queen of heaven and earth. 5
Moran, Mary Letter from Uganda: Using sandtray images in Uganda. 3-4
2000, Vol. 4, No. 2
Abbey, Bijili, & Miller, Liz Spirit totem: Using expressive arts process as a team building with a diverse agency staff. 20-21
Benson, Rita The sandtray in a New Year's ritual: "Remembering, releasing, rebirth." 23-24
Cunningham, Virginia Leftovers: The word of a 9-year-old boy. 9
Cunningham, Virginia Stories in the sand: Teachings about how stories take shape. 24-25
Danchig, Gail Spirit totems for sandplay and healing: Record of a group play process. 19-20
De Domenico, Gisela S. Questions and answers: How do you deal with children taking images home. 21
De Domenico, Gisela S. Questions and answers: What is the purpose of altar-building after sandplay. 21-23
Dean, Jayne Stories from the sandtray: Marriage proposal offered in a round sandtray. 25
Moran, Mary Sandplay stories from Uganda: Stalking benign and evil forces in the sandtray. 26-27
Morena, Gita Treasures of the psyche: Exploring the depths of sandplay process. 1-8
Pando-Mars, Karen Authentic Movement and Sandtray: Bringing movement and sandplay together. 9-11
Pando-Mars, Karen Poem: Journey in the temple: I witness an authentic movement collective. 11
Rae, Roxanne, & Pryor, D. Aspects of the Sandtray-Worldplay session. 16-19
Schear, Bobbi Marbles in sandtray therapy used by a boy and a woman. 12-15
Schear, Bobbi Questions and answers: How does your sandtray collection mirror your psyche? 27-28
2000, Vol. 4, No. 3
De Domenico, Gisela S. John Hood-Williams and the sandtray. 4-5
De Domenico, Gisela S. Book review: "Sandplay therapy: A step by step manual for psychotherapists" by Boik and Goodwin. 6
Freeman, Oni Sandtray-Worldplay gives birth to an artist. 5-6
Guice, Jill S. Video review: Playing to learn: Sandplay in pre-school education"
by Alison Van Dyk. 1
Hood-Williams, John. Margaret Lowenfeld's concept of "E" and child - therapist communication. 4-5
Richardson, Julia Bridging work in the sandplay room with life at home. 1-4 6 THE SANDTRAY NETWORK JOURNAL COLLECTION
Author Title Page
2000, Vol. 4, No. 4
Carroll, Susanne Using sandtray in an Indian health center to train staff and teach about the effects
of trauma. 23
De Domenico, Gisela S. Couple sandplay: The multiple relationship World technique. 33-35
De Domenico, Gisela S. Commentary about a boy's Worldplay session with John Hood –Williams. 19-22
De Domenico, Gisela S. Bridging Sandtray-Worldplay and psychometrics: Exploring and re-evaluating the World Test tradition. 7-11
De Domenico, Gisela S. The legacy of sandplay therapist Estelle Weinrib. 32-33
De Domenico, Gisela S. Sandplay: The phenomenology of seeking, finding and being Self. 27-28
Hood-Williams, John A boy's Worldplay session, selections from an unpublished manuscript. 19-22
Meyers, Barbara Unraveling the cross: Stories from a sandtray transformational workshop. 28-30
Rae, Roxanne Childhood trauma in conflicted custody disputes: Four case studies. 15-18
Schear, Bobbi Questions and answers: When to interrupt a client's sandtray process. 35-36
Schear, Bobbi Spirit totem as transitional object: Stories from the sandtray, a case study. 30-33
Schear, Bobbi Images of couples: Contemporary symbols. 24-26
Schear, Bobbi Developing connection and differentiation in couple's sandtray therapy: Case studies. 1-7
2001, Vol. 5, No. 1
De Domenico, Gisela S. Symbol exercise: How to experience symbols. 2
2001, Vol. 5, No. 2
Davenport, Maila Taylor Mythprints in the sand: Comparing the mythographical approaches of sandplay and Sandtray-Worldplay. 6-9
De Domenico, Gisela S. Therapist-builder interaction in sandplay process: Vignettes from Eickhof, Clegg, Schear and De Domenico. 12-16
Gressel, Josh Four sandtray session vignettes: Adult, adolescent and child cases. 10-12
Guice, Jill S. Bones' journey home: A boy's sandtray journey at a residential treatment center. 1-5
Schear, Bobbi Questions and answers: How much chaos do you allow? 17
2001, Vol. 5, No. 3
Miller, Liz The Sandtray Network Council's Visioning Retreat at Asilomar: Using group sandtray and images to build community. 4-5
2002, Vol. 6, No.1
Hagedorn, Stephanie News from the front: The impact of being with the destruction of the World Trade Center and the people within its radius. 3-7
Staie, Stephanie For the record: California children respond to terrorism in their homeland. 7-13
O’Connor, Margaret Entering the crucible alone: A sandtray therapist uses the sandtray to explore war between two cultures. (self-witnessing) 13-18
Rongner, Kristina An adolescent group sandtray: Two adolescents and their therapist process September 11. 18-19
Elliott, Auguste Moving more freely: A comparison of sandtray Worlds before and after September 11. (adult women) 19-26
Ehrlich, Charles Walking the earth and remembering. 26
Paige, Quint An interactive communal sandtray experience to process and heal 9/11. (individuals, families use the same tray over time) 27-34
De Domenico, Gisela S. Group sandplay on September 11-12, 2001: Using Sandtray-Worldplay to work with the trauma of the day. 34-49 The Sandtray Network Journal Collection
Author Title Page
2002, Vol. 6, No.2
Dean, Jayne Playing with fire. 1-6
Davenport, Maila Mythprints in the sand: Mythographical approaches of sandplay and Sandtray-Worldplay. 7-12
Carey, Lois Letters to the editors about mythprints. 13-14
Bradway, Kay et al Letters to the editors about mythprints. 15-17
De Domenico, Gisela S. Sandtray-Worldplay: An innovative transformational method. 18-35.
Elliott, Auguste Who "shows up" in the sandtray process. 35-36
2003, Vol.7, No.1
Frame, Phyllis The moment of awakening: Finding the sacred in sandtray and the mandala. (adult sandplays and drawings) 4-9
Meyers, Barbara Using Sandtray-Worldplay to explore ethical dilemmas. (group Sandtray-Worldplay process) 9-13
De Domenico, Gisela S. Innovative designs: Using the round barrel sandtray. 13-16
Naneix, Robin Circle of dreamtime in the coral pink dunes. 16-22
The STN Council Group Sandtray-Worldplay: Visioning and commitment to community. 22-23
2003, Vol.7, No.2
De Domenico, Gisela S. Playing with space in time: Multiple sandtray Worlds. 2-3
Horota, Eiko Past, present, future: Worlds in sand. (Adult Sandtray-Worldplay session) 4-5
Mills, Joyce Creating a peace garden. 8-10
Stern, Lise Embracing softness: A sandtray journey of emotional healing.
(9 year old girl’s journey) 10-20
De Domenico, Gisela S. Wetting, mixing, molding, dissolving: An image journey. (Adults in level one Sandtray-Worldplay training) 20-21
Benson, Rita Creating sculpture for Sandtray-Worldplay and transformational process. (Adult) 22-27
2004, Vol.8, No.1
Azzaro, Carol Review of Sanddrama: Psychodramatic sandtray with a trauma survivor by
Francesca Toscani. 19-21
Benson, Rita Bringing my World alive: Combining Sandtray-Worldplay and Psychodramatic
Bodywork. 14-19
De Domenico, Gisela S. Sandtray-Worldplay: Using the physical body of consciousness to amplify
Experiencing. 22-27
Elliott, S. Auguste Traveling with time: Learning to move with the temporal body of consciousness. 4-13
Journal Editors The Sandtray Network Journal: Publication Index 1997- Spring 2004. 28-33 8 THE SANDTRAY NETWORK JOURNAL COLLECTION
The Sandtray Network
The Mission
We actively promote learning, healing and creativity through the use of the sandtray.
We share and witness authentic experiences of the human psyche in the sandplay journey:
We offered substantive presentations and experiential explorations at our community meetings until January 2006. Now we promote the various uses of the sandtray through establishing a website designed to disseminate clinical, educational, and transformational uses of sandtray, sandplay, Sandtray-Worldplay and other innovative approaches to the healing of individuals and communities.
We inspired and developed the exchange of ideas and information in our journal, and at our conferences. Since 2006 we seek to develop a diverse source of information on-line.
Our Objectives
• To support the many ways of using the sandtray
• To promote the use of the sandtray for the benefit of the local, national and global communities
• To compile a resources and reference library for the use of the community-at-large
To disseminate information about sandtray methods to the greater community
To implement the use of the sandtray in a wide variety of settings
To explore the use of sandtray as an interpersonal communication tool to bridge ethnic and cross-cultural barriers
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